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August 21, 2015

Things Successful people do differently

Successful people don’t do different things, they do things differently.

Success is measure of the results achieved by someone in a given context. However we often hear the phrase that meeting numbers isn’t enough. Its how you achieve results is true measure of one’s success. 

There is no dearth of examples and material on how to be successful. This post is not about giving a list of right things or different things you need to be successful. We will focus on few things which successful people do differently.

Successful people mostly have impeccable Etiquette. Here is a quote to help understand conventional meaning of etiquette - The cardinal principal of etiquette is thoughtfulness, and guiding rule of thoughtfulness is the Golden Rule. If you always do unto other as you would have done unto you, it is likely that you will never offend, bore or intrude, and that your actions will be courteous and indeed thoughtful. – (Emily Post’s Etiquette by Elizabeth L Post)

However, successful people take thoughtfulness to another level, and their golden rule reads something like – “If you always do unto other as they would have wanted you to, it is likely that you will never offend, bore or intrude, and that your actions will be courteous and indeed thoughtful.”

Key to understanding what others want is Communication. To quote from my earlier post – “You can’t, not communicate. However, importance of listening keeps growing. Leaders will need far superior listening skills. It’s much more than sensitivity. It is about tolerance.” You can address someone as sir / boss / Mr /Ms and still come across as rude or disrespectful. You can come across as warm and respectful while addressing people as buddy / dude. It’s not only about what you say but how you say. We are communicating all the time even when we are not, a tweet, an email, and posts on social media everything counts. It’s important to have measured and sincere approach. So many over hyper people end up either with foot in mouth disease or worst they are blissfully oblivious to self embarrassing impact of their communication.

“The first time you greet someone presents an opportunity that will never come your way again: the chance to make a fist good impression. Your appearance and manners play a part in forming these impressions, and they continue to do so even when you meet or greet someone you already know.” (Emily Post’s Etiquette by Elizabeth L Post)

Successful people are disciplined in their approach. They strive for excellence day in day out. Our appearance has tremendous influence on what and how our message is understood. A tidy, tasteful and hygienic appearance implies that you respect others but more importantly you consider yourself worthy of respect and effort in dressing yourself up. This applies irrespective of your attire being formal, casual, business casual, club wear or even beach wear.

Success is 24X7 occupation. From our early teen till retirement an average person spends 44-50% of their time on activities related to their profession (including education time) and 28-34% time in sleep. It’s our behavior in remaining 24-15% time which separates successful people from not so successful people. Successful people commit 100% to whatever they pursue or do.

You can have this discipline and commitment only if you enjoy doing what you do. “Pleasure in the Job puts perfection in the work”- Aristotle. So light up your efforts with passion and joy. “The only way to do great works is to love what you do” - Steve Jobs

To sum up, Successful people have great etiquette, they communicate with sincerity, purpose and discipline because they are committed to and enjoy whatever they do.
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