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May 25, 2016

Key Principles for communicating effectively with Employees

We all have to interact with colleagues every day, if we practice these with discipline and rigor, we will have more harmonious climate and engaged employees in the organization.
  1. Greet people warmly each day. Make them feel important and valued.
  2. Give people advance notice on important matters.
  3. Provide an opportunity before major decisions, actions and changes.  Provide for feedback; remember to explain the reasons for the decisions.
  4. Be available when needed.
  5. Share bad news as well as good news with equal candor.
  6. Inform employees about things before letting the public know.
  7. Respect employees as colleagues. Request things. Don’t order or demand – talk with and not at people.
  8. Protect privacy rights and confidential information faithfully.
  9. Back your team and be supportive and helpful. Praise, give credit and show appreciation when warranted.
  10. Follow up on request and promises – address the little things.
  11. View Management as service to; not power over people.
  12. Listen to each person with an open mind and be responsive. Do not be an idea killer.
  13. Keep people informed, avoid the “mushroom growing” or keep them in the dark approach.
  14. Communicate adult to adult rather than parent to child. “Treat people as adults. Business is serious affair. Business needs grown up and skilled people, to deliver value proposition to customers. Accepting people as adults means paying attention to their ideas, thoughts and inputs. It means trusting them to be able handle good with bad, success with failure and so on.”( HOW: Retaining Leadership)
  15. Share important, controversial, complex and detailed information face to face.
  16. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and show you mean it.(HOW: Retaining Leadership)
  17. State your expectations clearly. Avoid shocking with surprises.
  18. Stress you, we and our and play down “I”, “Me” & “My” in interactions.
  19. Develop goals and priorities cooperatively with employees.
  20. Treat people as they want to be treated – not as you think they want to be treated. (Things Successful people do differently)
  21. Be straight forward and don’t manipulate or use people.
  22. Seek to understand as hard as you seek to be understood.
  23. Level with people, but balance this with tact to protect feelings.
  24. Go to your people, don’t wait for them to come to you.
  25. Remember to laugh together and celebrate together.

To understand how easy it is to practice, just replace “employee/people” with “customer” in most statements. You will find that most successful people and businesses follow these principles while dealing with their customers.

Warm regards,

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